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About That Other Downtown Crossing Apartment Tower...

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There are a lot of towers going up in Boston right now. In fact, it's been at least a generation since so many spires were slated to pierce our fair skyline. But! One 28-story plan is perhaps terminally stalled: One Bromfield in Downtown Crossing. Four years ago, the city happily O.K.'d plans for the 260-unit luxury apartment tower to replace four buildings at Washington and Bromfield streets. Then, the Great Recession came and ruined Christmas; and the plans of New York developer Midwood Management have been stalled ever since.

Now, though, would be the perfect time for One Bromfield to get going again. Why? It would rise across from the mother of all recent Boston towers, Millennium Tower. The $620 million luxury condo and retail building is expected to reach 56 stories, and has anchored so many trend pieces about Downtown Crossing's recovery in the past year we've lost count. But Midwood is unconvinced of the area's turnaround. "I want to see foundations poured," Midwood's president told The Herald's Greg Turner. "Call me when you see some shovels." Oh, snap.
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