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M.I.T.'s Kendall Square Report; Rethinking Boston's Parking

CAMBRIDGE—M.I.T. is out with a report on its intentions in Kendall Square: "It also recognizes the stretch of land from 77 Massachusetts Avenue to the Sloan School as the 'last piece of undeveloped, contiguous campus space lying between the Charles River, Main Street and Ames Street with ready access to the MBTA Red Line,' or in their words, 'an extremely precious resource.'" [Chronicle]

BOSTON—The idea keeps coming up: Make parking spaces in prime areas cost what they should cost. Why, oh why, not try? "The goal would be to always have one or two free spaces on any given block. Popular streets, like Newbury and Boylston, might charge as much as $4.50 an hour during the day, while quieter ones might charge as little as 50 cents an hour during off-peak times. Those who are unwilling to pay higher rates could choose to park in lower-demand spots farther from their destination." [Boston Mag]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA