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The Cape & Islands' 20 Priciest; Rental Horror Stories; More!

And, now, the latest from the breeziest blog on earth (or at least in New England), Curbed Cape Cod!

BARNSTABLE VILLAGE—After extensive (unscientific) research, we've determined this property overlooking Barnstable Harbor has the one amenity most folks over the bridge were daydreaming about earlier this week. Nope, it's not a fireplace, media room or hydraulic sushi bar.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Making this week's Pricespotter look like a bargain, a map of the Cape & Islands 20 most expensive listings(above). Asking prices range from $12.75M to $92M. Just to be clear, those are all in US dollars.
CHILMARK—This week's Pricespotter, The "Cliff Cottage," has seen storms come and go. Any idea how much the circa 1850 Vineyard property is asking? It's somewhere between $7M and $10M. Vote here, it's good practice for Tuesday.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Got a rental horror story from over the bridge? Was the cottage contaminated? Were there bugs in the bungalow? It doesn't have to be a vacation rental, any kind will do, as long as it was horrible. Tell us all about it and enter to win a free month's rent/mortgage payment/Post-Sandy yard cleanup!