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Got a Renter Horror Story? Curbed Boston Could Pay Your Rent!

Friends, Bostonians, countrymen (and women), we know most of you have scary/disturbing/disgusting/unforgettable stories about awful landlords, sociopathic roommates, and apartments one faux hardwood panel short of a deck. If so, Curbed Boston wants you.

In a few weeks, we will host our annual Curbed Boston Renters Week, wherein we explore the good, the bad and the macabre about renting an apartment in Greater Boston. We'll be covering everything the cheapest/priciest neighborhoods to rent in right now to the little things you may not know about as a tenant (like has to happen to your security deposit before you get it back). And, of course, Renter Horror Stories. That's where you come in, dear readers. Starting now, please send us your most horrific and hilarious stories of renting in the Hub for entry into a Curbed Network-wide Renters Week contest.

The rules are simple: we'll collect 'em all and put the best up to a vote during Curbed Boston Renters Week. The winner of this site will face off against other worthy Renter Horror Stories from our other city sites in a massive poll hosted on our sister site Curbed National. Then—and here's the big thing—the national winner will claim one glorious month of gloriously free rent funded entirely (and jovially) by Curbed. (Up to $2,500!). Our tipline's officially open, so send your tales immediately. And those of you who've moved to that other circle of real estate hell—ownership—you're eligible for the $2,500, too. Just reach back into the repressed memories of your rental days.