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Tiniest Micro-Apartments; Johns on Cambridge Common; More!

CAMBRIDGE—The Common could get its first permanent restroom: "[T]he City Manager's office will consider constructing the proposed restroom facility as part of an extensive renovation of the park. The larger renovation project, which is slated to begin this spring at the earliest, will involve replacing all pathways, benches, and trashcans, as well as installing additional lighting in the Common." [Crimson]
SAN FRANCISCO—The city's legislature is once again taking up what would be the smallest micro-apartments in America: "At present, dwelling units must be a minimum of 220 square feet of living space plus bathroom, kitchen, and closet—roughly 290 square feet in all. The amendment [PDF] would reduce that minimum to 150 square feet of livable space, for a total area of 220." [Atlantic Cities]
BOSTON—A city councilor wants to explore ways to alleviate traffic around town, partly through cracking down on jerk moves. "Among the list of bad habits O'Malley is concerned about are: bicycling laws not being obeyed and drivers blocking intersections. " []