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Batali Joint for Southie; Triple-Decker Trades Heat Up

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SOUTH BOSTON—Another big change for the neighborhood that's full of 'em: "Chef, author, and restaurateur Mario Batali himself announced on Twitter over the weekend that he is coming to Boston 'very soon!!' to open 'Babbopizzeria!' ('Wheeeeeeeeeeee,' he added, presumably in sheer excitement, although that part didn't get any exclamation points.) An industry source tells Eater that this upcoming restaurant will be somewhere in the Fort Point and Seaport District vicinity." [Eater Boston]
HUB-WIDE—More multi-families (think triple-deckers) are trading to buyers who want to live in them as well as rent them out: "The combination of 30-year fixed-rate mortgages in the 3s coupled with some of the highest rents in the nation are giving buyers an extra reason to seek the financial stability that an income-generating property provides." [Biz Journal]