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Seaport Square Worries; 'Reverse Snobbery' in JP; More!

SEAPORT DISTRICT—The Boston Innovation Center, under construction as the first part of Seaport Square and set to open in the spring, faces many challenges: "What could go awry? The Innovation Center's location on Northern Avenue will be surrounded by noisy, dusty construction for its first few years of operation. The street doesn't get much foot traffic. The building was cajoled into existence by Menino, part of negotiations to green-light the larger development that will surround it." [Globe]
JAMAICA PLAIN—The Globe's editorial board enwreathed the Olmsted Place decision in accolades: "The approval of a 196-unit apartment project at the former Home for Little Wanderers in Jamaica Plain will create much-needed housing. The unanimous vote by Boston's zoning board last week should also be seen as a blow to the so-called 'reverse snobbery' that sometimes grips the neighborhood." [Globe]

BOSTON—Black Friday-like discounts are not extending to as many homes as before: "In Boston, the number of price cuts for single-family homes and condos is down 42 percent compared to last year with 1,924 listings reduced compared to 3,995 listings reduced last year, according to information provided from Multiple Listing Service Property Information Network." [Herald]

BACK BAY—Our favorite cartographers went a bit bonkers and imagined various aspects of local geography in the form of turkeys. Above is the Back Bay skyline, for instance. [Bostonography]

Seaport Square

Sleeper Street, Boston, MA

Olmsted Place

161 S Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130