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There Will Always Be $80K-Plus Parking Spaces in Boston

It looks like someone has bought the Back Bay parking space that was on sale earlier this month for $85,000. Maybe they're already renting it for $300 a month, as the seller suggested, we don't know. The ad's gone from Craigslist.

A fresh crazy-expensive parking ad has taken its place, though: this indoor, heated space in the South End/Roxbury borderlands wants $81,000. And it's not afraid of the Caps Lock: "JUST AN AWESOME SPACE FOR THE TOUGH NEW ENGLAND WEATHER OR KEEP THAT SPECIAL TREASURE OF A VEHICLE CLEAN, INSIDE @ PERFECT TEMPERATURE CONDITIONS."

The $81K is "NEGOTIABLE," though the space is "IMMACULATE" and comes with its own "CLICKER" so you can come and go as you please. And, we might add, too, that $81K could be seen as a relative bargain in downtown Boston. We're not in six figures yet, after all.
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[David L. Ryan via The Globe]