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Brewster Beach House; Cape & Islands' 20 Priciest; More!

It's always sunny at Curbed Cape Cod.

BREWSTER—This week's Pricespotter is a Brewster condo with views of Cape Cod Bay (above). Any idea how much the three-bedroom beach house is asking? It's somewhere between $709K and $909K. Vote right this way.
CAPE & ISLANDSWe've updated our map of the Cape & Islands 20 most expensive listings. Nantucket's priciest listing - once asking $60M—has been replaced by a $12.5M Vineyard crib with its own golf course. What a bargain.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Last week's Curbed Comparisons covered Bed & Breakfasts asking $599K to $3.85M. This week, we're checking out properties listed for $399K.
NANTUCKET—This Gray Lady compound first hit the market in August 2010. Recently, it took its second meeting with the pricechopper and is now asking less than $8M.