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Mario Batali's Seaport Joint; Big Openings This Weekend; More!

And, now, a big heaping forkful of the latest restaurant and bar news from Eater Boston.

SEAPORT DISTRICT—Presenting the biggest Boston restaurant news all year: the Mario Batali is coming to town. Apparently the world's first Babbopizzeria will appear in the Seaport at 320 Summer Street.
CAMBRIDGE/SOUTH END—The fall restaurant opening season comes to climax this very weekend with several major openings. Tonight 500 Harrison Ave becomes home to Cinquecento, a Roman-style restaurant now occupying the space that was once Rocca. Meanwhile, over in Inman Square, chef Will Gilson publicly unveils his first restaurant, Puritan & Company, also tonight! And back in the South End, beer will gush from the 30 taps at Estelle's starting tomorrow. Phew.

HUB-WIDE—Happy Cocktail Week! Gosh, where to start. There's the poutine map to guide you through your hangover, cocktail legend Brother Cleve's tall cocktail tales of the day, a guide to ten of the weirdest cocktail ingredients in town, where to find raw egg drinks, a bunch of iconic dive bars, the ultimate scorpion bowl resource and so much more.
THEATER DISTRICT—If you live under a rock, you may have missed the chef-restaurant patron spat heard round the world this week. A woman complains about the pumpkin pie at Pigalle via Facebook, the chef goes berzerk, then apologies, then the two become pals and plan to go on the radio together.