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Pier 4 Macro Rents; Gingerbread Houses; Casino Mortality

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SOUTH BOSTON—The micro-apartments at the new Pier 4 may have a fatal flaw: "The units are expected to rent out for around $1,500 a month, meaning a tenant would need to make around $75,000 a year to have the apartment considered affordable (This formulation doesn't contemplate how many people of any age pulling down $75K a year or more would be willing to stuff themselves and their undoubtedly swanky home furnishings into one of these units.)" [Block Avenue]
SOMERVILLE—Mayor Joseph Curtatone does not hold back about a casino in his city on his watch: "Over my dead body would a casino come to Assembly Square or any part of Somerville." []

BOSTON—Here's a warm and fuzzy story for the cold, cold night: "For a local group of designers, however, gingerbread houses are truly a form of art. In a tribute to the holiday season, the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is hosting nine stunning gingerbread houses crafted by local architecture and design firms." [BostInno]

Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA