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40 Years Ago, Aerosmith Saw Allston's Gentrification Coming

So Aerosmith's playing today in front of 1325 Commonwealth Avenue, the Allston apartment building where band members lived in the early 1970s. It's the same building where Steven Tyler and Joe Perry wrote most of the band's self-titled 1973 debut album, including the song "Movin' Out." Legend has it that it was not only the first song Tyler and Perry penned together, but that they then recorded it on a waterbed at 1325 Commonwealth. Whatever the creation myth, the opening lyrics seem rather prescient for residents of a soon-to-be rapidly changing Boston, eh?

We all live on the edge of town
Where we all live ain't a soul around
People start a' comin' all we do is just a' grin
Said we gotta move it out 'cause the city's movin' in
I said we gotta move it out 'cause the city's movin' in

Will the boys reference Allston's gentrification today, its demise as the proverbial edge of town? Or that of the South End or Southie? Stay tuned.