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Aerosmith Irony; Belmont Coyote Squad; New Fenway Hotel

ALLSTON—The irony of today's Aerosmith concert: "But doesn't it seem a bit funny that the city of Boston would let something like this slide? Shit, just a week ago, two of our most beloved DIY music spots got shut down by the city. Every weekend, free musical happenings are getting shut down all over Allston. The assumption is wild keg party, but more often than not, the reality is a simple bond of music and creativity." [Allston Pudding]
BELMONT—The town is basically going to shame coyotes into staying away: "They would create kind of a 'coyote busters' squad or a coyote terrorizing squad, if you will, where we would have citizens that would be trained by him and by the department that could be called at a moment's notice to come when a particular citizen finds a coyote on their property and they don't know how to deal with it." [CBS Boston]

FENWAY/KENMORE—The final beam went up today on 121 Brookline Avenue, the "first new hotel in a decade in Fenway/Kenmore..." [Twitter]

New Marriott

121 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA