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Two Months In, Cambridge Queen Anne Lops Off $300K

The 10-room Queen Anne at 2 Mercer Circle is one of those if-you-have-to-ask-you-can't-afford-it spreads near Harvard, similar to the ones on the other side of campus along Francis Avenue's Professors' Row. Two Mercer is a plush 5-BR, 3.5-BA with 3,525 square feet of house and roughly 4,200 square feet of surrounding lawn and garden. The master suite has two rooms and there's parking for two cars. The house dates from 1903, and last traded way, way back in August 1971 for $102,000 (settle: that's not adjusted for inflation). After just under two months on the market, it's now asking an even $3,000,000 after a $300K price-chop last week, one of the biggest in Cambridge all year.

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2 Mercer Circle

2 Mercer Circle, Cambridge, MA