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Southie Groundbreaking; Sidewalk-Shoveling Fine; More!

SOUTH BOSTON—There was another groundbreaking at the Old Colony affordable-housing development: "Old Colony's Phase Two includes the demolition of 223 units along Old Colony Avenue. Following demolition, the new dwellings in townhouse-style buildings and four-story elevator buildings, will be built." [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—Re: the recent Johnnie's Foodmaster-Whole Foods deal: "Boston, and Massachusetts in general, has been marked as a state with poor access to supermarkets, per-capita, particularly in its cities. The net effect of this week's news is that the Boston area will have four less supermarkets, which means Boston-area residents in certain neighborhoods can expect to have a harder time finding somewhere to buy their food." [Block Avenue]
MALDEN—A friendly reminder for these chillier days: "[T]he City of Malden is reminding residents and business owners that they could face a fine if they don't shovel their sidewalk. Those who fail to shovel face a fine from $25 to $100..." []