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Rats Amok on Castle Island; Condos as Starter Homes; More!

CAMBRIDGE/DOWNTOWN—Ladies and gentlemen, Kendall Square and the Boston skyline in 1967. [Pinterest]
HUB-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis says that condos have become something altogether new: "The amount of new single-family construction has been on the decline for decades now. When builders manage to snag a valuable lot in one of the many hard-to-build-in towns inside 495, they go big and expensive. That too often leaves buyers just looking to break into the market faced with a choice of oddball properties in need of work. So the condo now has a new role—that of a starter home for first-time buyers." []
SOUTH BOSTON—Yuck: "For centuries, Castle Island stood as a bulwark against foreign invaders. But these days, the popular South Boston park is battling domestic intruders: rats. 'They're overwhelming; it's infested all over the island,' said Bill Spain, president of the Castle Island Association, a nonprofit historical preservation group. 'It's really bad at night. Someone is going to get attacked.'" [Globe]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA