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Downtown Crossing Reimagined; Magazine Beach Redo; More!

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DOWNTOWN CROSSING—The B.R.A. has picked a firm to work on the neighborhood's look: "Through the Streetscape Design Standards and Wayfinding Program, the Boston Redevelopment Authority and Klopfer Martin Design Group will develop specifications for sidewalk and roadway materials, recommendations for the pedestrian zone and vending program and concept plans for the wayfinding program." [Patch]

CAMBRIDGEPORT—The campaign kicked off this past weekend: "A $2.2 million revamp is in the future for Magazine Beach, Cambridge's second-biggest park, but the first step is raising $100,000 to fix and replace the park's powder house building." [Day]
HUB-WIDE—There's a GIF-ted Tumblr now for the bullshit you endure on the T. [The MBTA Ruined My Life]