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Pope Hopes: Beatific Penthouse Slashes Another $800K

It's not the biggest Boston price-chop of the year, but it's up there: the penthouse at the Albert A. Pope Building (one of the Curbed Boston 76!) has cut its tag by another $800,000. Recall that the 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 3,500-square-foot spread with dictatorial views sliced its price $500,000 in early October. It was then that we declared it likely to sell.

Boy, were we wrong: More than 500 days on the market, it's now asking $5,900,000. Interestingly, the latest $800K cut seems to have come in waves, with $500K on Nov. 30 and then a further $300K after that. The biggest price-chop of the year, by the way, is likely the $1.4M one in July that brought the Mason House down to a perfectly attainable $16,500,000.
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Albert A. Pope Building

221 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA