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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (3) Beacon Hill vs. (14) Downtown Xssing

The second annual Curbed Boston Cup, our award for the Hub neighborhood of the year, is under way with 16 enclaves vying for the prestigious fake trophy. We'll have two match-ups per day this week, and all the results and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends after 24 hours. Let the eliminations commence!

The tourney churns on, with today's first match-up of Beacon Hill vs. Downtown Crossing.

Quaint Beacon Hill had a typically outsized year: You know, $300,000 parking spaces and $11,000,000 townhouse deals and quarter-million price-chops. There was even a Sunflower Castle that wanted (and still wants) $4,495,000.

2012 will forever be known as the year Downtown Crossing turned a corner. Not least because of Millennium Tower: the long-sought something to fill that gaping reminder of urban blight, the old Filene's site, turned out to be the city's tallest residential-tower-to-be. After the announcement of the tower in June, a plethora of optimism poured forth for the neighborhood: thousands of new residents drawn by hundreds of new apartments (and at least 10 new restaurants) would galvanize Downtown Crossing and make it a 24-7 place to be! Such a thought would've seemed far-fetched at the start of the year.

Poll results

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Millennium Tower

1 Franklin Street, , MA 02110 Visit Website

Sunflower Castle

130 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA