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Chestnut Hill's Revamped 'The Street'; Equinox Fit Tips; More!

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Ladies and gents, we heartily introduce On the Racked, a weekly peek into the world of Hub retail from the brand-new Racked Boston!

CHESTNUT HILL—Newton's Chestnut Hill is quickly turning into a little shopping hub to the west of downtown Boston. The focus is now on a outdoor half mile walk along Route 9, which has been rebranded from Chestnut Hill Shopping Center to The Street. The revamp will include more dining and fitness options from the likes of Sports Club/LA, Shake Shack, and Pinkberry.

HUB-WIDEGovernor Deval Patrick sided with Massachusetts commerce this week, pushing a strongly made case for lost wages, sales, and tax revenue in Amazon's neglect to collect the 6.25 percent sales tax due to a twenty year old federal loophole.

CAMBRIDGE—Harvard Square institution Oona's Experienced Clothing will shutter the doors of its Inman Square Oona's Outpost and Jamaica Plain Cafe Society locations to put its energy toward an online storefront.

BACK BAY—Equinox master instructor Brandon Kolar offers up holiday fit tips to keep your pants on and the winter blubber off.