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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) North End vs. (15) Charlestown

The second annual Curbed Boston Cup, our award for the Hub neighborhood of the year, is under way with 16 enclaves vying for the prestigious fake trophy. We'll have two match-ups per day this week, and all the results and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends after 24 hours. Let the eliminations continue!

And, now, the final match-up of the first round: the North End vs. Charlestown!

The North End had an interesting 2012, to say the least (though we never do!). Its long-running feud with Suffolk U. bubbled into the papers. Grillgate erupted in the neighborhood as did angst over dog doings in its parks. The North End also found time for big listings and fast sales.

For Charlestown, 2012 might be remembered as the year that Whole Foods said it was coming to (the) town. Indeed, the chi-chi food emporium represents the sort of line-in-the-sand-drawing that residents either love or loathe. Also, in March, news dropped that the former Terminal Storage Building at 267 Medford was—after 17 years of wrangling—becoming apartments. That wasn't the only big development announcement in Charlestown. No, sirree. Check out Warren Green and what's happening at Parcel 39A. And then vote!

Poll results

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267 Medford Street

267 Medford Street, Boston, MA

Warren Green

1 Thompson Square, Boston, MA