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Boston-to-Hyannis Rail; Sweet and Boozy Gifts; More!

Curbed Cape Cod breezes in with the latest...

BOSTON TO HYANNIS—All aboard! Boston-to-Hyannis rail service begins in May. The details are still being worked out, but we've got 10 things you should know, right this way.
CAPE COD—This week's Curbed Comparisons is checking out Live/Work properties. You know, the spaces and places that make for a short commute. Yours for $499K to $797K.

CAPE & ISLANDS—Looking for a spicy, salty, sweet or boozy holiday present? We've put together some handy gift guides covering things to shake (spices/salts), confections and fire water from the Cape & Islands.
NANTUCKET—We're taking the ferry over the the Gray Lady for this week's asking-price guessing game. Our pricespotter is a six-bedroom estate in the Polpis area (very posh, but then again, isn't everything over there?). The listing price is somewhere between $4,299,000 and $7,995,000. Let your click be heard, right this way.