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Billboard Revolt; Casino Confusion; Cambridge Fight; More!

BEACON HILL—There's already backlash against the city's ban on most new billboards: "Sponsor Co. plans to mount two 25-foot-by-40-foot signs on a Bowdoin Street building ...: one calling for an end to alleged City Hall and State House corruption and another with quotes on statesmanship by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson." [Herald]
CAMBRIDGE—Saul Tannenbaum has a few words for those fighting denser construction in the People's Republic: "The real problem with the CRA's positions, though, isn't the faulty assumptions, fuzzy math or how their errors disappear down the memory hole. Rather, it's the focus on cars, not people. Cambridge and the Boston metropolitan area face a crisis of housing availability and affordability." [CCTV]

EVERETT/BOSTON—Irony! That Everett site where Steve Wynn wants to build a casino-resort? It falls partly in Boston, and Boston Mayor Tom Menino wants any resort to fall in Eastie: "Believe it or not, Boston's city limit stretches over the Mystic River, encompassing a narrow finger of land on the Everett side, between the former Monsanto site and Route 99." [Biz Journal]
FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The neighborhood's challenge/problem in a nutshell: "Nobody lives there. The Financial District was built as an urban version of the suburban office park, a place where serious people go to do serious business during the day, then head home." [Block Avenue]