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Forty-Odd New Apartments to Pay for Roslindale Square Redo

A dilapidated power substation off Roslindale Square, unused for 40 years, is set for a major restoration, to be paid for in large part by the approximately 40 new apartments (plus retail) slated for an adjoining lot. The new apartments, per Casey Ross in The Globe, are to be studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. Not exactly the family-friendly apartments that Boston so desperately needs, of course, but it's something.

The restoration, approved in February, will help transform that corner of Roslindale Square, with a restaurant, a cafe and a produce market to be housed inside of the revamped substation. As Mayor Menino himself tells Ross, it will bring the eyesore "back to active life in the community." The community's pretty stoked, too: The project, including the approximately 40 new apartments, is led by a Rhode Island developer as well as by local nonprofits. The developers will hold a public meeting next month to get feedback.
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4228 Washington Street

4228 Washington Street, Boston, MA