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Barry's Corner Plans in Allston: 325 Apts. in Shorter Buildings

The plans for Barry's Corner in that happening slice of Allston controlled by Harvard have become a lot clearer: Developer Samuel & Associates, they of the Trilogy and 1330 Boylston in the Fenway, has filed plans with the city to build two buildings between six and nine stories at North Harvard Street and Western Avenue. The buildings would hold 325 apartments as well as 45,000 square feet of retail; the 350,000-square-foot complex would also have 180 underground parking spaces and park-like space for residents only.

The fresh filing represents a downsizing of the Barry's Corner plans. The buildings were at one point to be as high as 11 stories, but that did not sit well with Allston residents—some of whom have been rather skittish about the whole Harvard development thing for a while. But it's happening, and the development of the 2.7-acre Barry's Corner is a big, big part of it.

Over the summer, Harvard officials declared their hope that Barry's Corner would become something akin to Davis Square: a pedestrian-friendly area of shops, restaurants and apartments. We'll see. Demolition and construction works looks set to start next fall, with construction taking more than two years.
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Barry's Corner

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Harvard University

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