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Allston vs. Harvard Over Moves; New T Countdown Signs

ALLSTON—Fresh rancor between the neighborhood and Harvard over the university's plans to move facilities from 219 Western Avenue to 28 Travis Street to make room for the Barry's Corner redevelopment: "Members of the Task Force criticized Harvard for a proposal they said would be detrimental to the community, citing the sounds and traffic created by trucks backing into loading docks among other concerns." [Crimson]
HUB-WIDE—The MBTA has added countdown signs to 24 more T stations: "The MBTA began activating the signs in August, as the start of a program that will extend to all Red, Orange, and Blue Line stations. The Green Line will not have countdowns because its system for tracking trains is not as sophisticated, officials have said." []

Barry's Corner

182 Western Avenue, Boston, MA

219 Western Avenue

219 Western Avenue, Boston, MA