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Where to Eat at Logan; Where to Eat on Christmas; More!

Yummy! It's the latest from Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Presenting the definitive guide to eating out in Boston on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yes, there's more than Chinatown.

CAMBRIDGE/CONCORD—This is big: chef-owner Jason Bond of the tiny, incredible Bondir tells Eater that he's the mystery chef behind a new restaurant in Concord. Yes, there's going to be another Bondir, and while the Cambridge original has only 24 seats, the expansion will have around 100 plus room for 20 more on an outdoor patio.

LOGAN—Traveling anytime soon? Check out this updated guide of where to eat in and around Boston Logan Airport.

CAMBRIDGE—Kendall Square Southern darling Hungry Mother is planning to open a second location nearby and it will be... a deli!? It looks that way. Meanwhile, here's a look inside the newly opened pasta temple Giulia. And did you know that Tasty Burger's third location is now open in Harvard Square?