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Christmas Eats; Curbed Cup Results; More!

It's always sunny at Curbed Cape Cod (or sunnier, at least).

CAPE & ISLANDS—Looking for a place to chow on Christmas Eve or Day(above)? We put together a handy map of Inns, Taverns, and, yes, Chinese food restaurants open on the Eve, the Day or both. Some require reservations, so call first to make sure there's room at the inn.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Round 1 of the Curbed Cup wraps up today. Next week, Provincetown and Nantucket throw down in the semi-finals, followed by Wellfleet and Chatham. Check out all the Curbed Cup results here.
CAPE COD—This week's Curbed Comparisons is checking out properties listed for $995K. What does just under a million get you across the Cape? Waterviews in Bourne, Eastham and Ptown, waterfront in Falmouth and 26 acres in West Barnstable, that's what.
EDGARTOWN—We're taking the ferry over to the Vineyard for this week's asking price guessing game. Our pricespotter is a waterview five bedroom family compound in Katama with a listing price is somewhere between $3,825,000 and $4,200,000. Let your click be heard, right this way.