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Court Square Press Condo Promises Factory Chic for $599K

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Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing real estate listing from the many thousands of properties found in the Curbed Marketplace. Browsing the Marketplace and spot a property worthy of being featured? Drop it to the tipline.

American manufacturing might be slowly collapsing like an Ikea bookshelf, but we've got other uses for its factories. Like condos! This 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,129-square-foot loft in Southie's Court Square Press building is a perfect example. Dig the space, the exposed wood, the natural light, and the industrial vibe that just pulsates from the exterior. Yours for $599,000.
· Listing: 9 West Broadway, #306 [Zillow]

Court Square Press

9 West Broadway, Boston, MA 02127