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'Tis the Season to Be a JP Home Seller!

This is Neighborhood Watch, a monthly breakdown from Curbed Boston about what's going on market-wise in key neighborhoods 'round the region (and, for our purposes here, towns and cities are neighborhoods, too—because they almost were, after all). All stats courtesy of William Raveis Real Estate. Now, Jamaica Plain.

Boom! Single-family home sales were up 60 percent annually in JP in November. Prices dropped slightly (the median was down 3.4 percent to $533,000). Inventory, not surprisingly, was down, too, and the average time it takes to sell a JP house plunged more than 40 percent to 52.


JP condo prices were also up significantly—and at higher prices, too. The median sales price rose 3.3 percent to $333,750. Interestingly, the average asking price was up by more than 14 percent annually, suggesting that, yes, JP sellers get it: their stuff's in demand.
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