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Curbed Cup Final Four: (4) Back Bay vs. (9) Seaport District

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'Tis time to pick the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood of 2012. It's the Final Four of the Curbed Boston Cup, with perennial favorite Back Bay vs. giant slayer the Seaport District. Voting lasts 24 hours. Go!

Mighty, mighty Back Bay hosted 2012's most famous real estate deal, Tomsele's $9.2M sale on Beacon Street. It also hosted what could turn out to be the single, biggest residential trade in modern Boston history. And! Big-time developments there moved closer to reality this year, like the Copley Place tower (at least, we think it did) and 40 Trinity. Will it all be enough to carry it through to the finals?
The Seaport District scored upsets in the first and second rounds, besting No. 8 East Cambridge and then belting reigning Curbed Boston Cup champ the South End off its throne. The neighborhood within a neighborhood (South Boston) had quite the 2012, just like the South End. There were big-time groundbreakings, for one thing: Pier 4; Fan Pier; Seaport Square. And we'll always have the Innovation District, if Tom Menino has anything to say about it.

Poll results

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Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Fan Pier)

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02210 Visit Website

Copley Place

2 Copley Place, Boston, MA 02116 617 262 6600