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Curbed Cup Final Four: (6) South Boston vs. (7) Somerville

'Tis time to pick the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood of 2012. It's the last match-up of the Curbed Boston Cup's Final Four, pitting Southie against Somerville. Voting lasts 24 hours. Go!

South Boston held off Downtown Crossing in the second round (after handily dispatching East Boston in the first). And why not? No neighborhood entered 2012 with more expectation for irreversible change than Southie, and that's what proceeded apace. Hundreds of micro-apartments were pitched for the neighborhood. Myriad new developments were announced or broke ground, including 411 D Street. And, of course, the fretting. Is all the buzz enough, though, to turn back Somerville?
'Cause Somerville's had quite the 2012, too. There was SomerVision, for one thing. The city introduced the 20-year master plan in May, including its plans for 6,000 new homes. There was the ground-breaking for the Green Line extension to both Union Square and Medford. And! Mayor Joseph Curtatone's April call for techies and hipsters to move to town. It was all enough to get past Allston and Charlestown. Will it be enough now?

Poll results

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