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Pru Lights Up for December; More on Mass. Foreclosures

BACK BAY—It's happening every night, all month: "Each night, the top of Prudential Tower is lit a different color in support of that night's partner. 31 Nights of Light was created to help community organizations gain key visibility during the holiday season. Participating groups will 'flip the switch' each night, with a host of musical performances and speakers each night." [Prudential Center]
MASS-WIDE—More data on foreclosures, including foreclosure deeds, the last step in the dreadful process: "A total of 371 were recorded in October, a 52 percent drop from 775 during the same month a year ago. This is the fewest number of deeds recorded in any month since February 2007, when 350 foreclosures were completed." [Biz Journal]