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Wynn-Win in Everett; Mass. Foreclosures; Hubway Every Day?

HUB-WIDE—With numbers like these, it may stay open year-round: "Hubway recorded 533,755 rides before shutting down for the season Wednesday night, pushing the cumulative total to 676,044 since its July 2011 launch, roughly 50 percent better than planners had hoped." [Globe]
EVERETT—Casino magnate Steve Wynn's visit last week to a certain site in the city could reap dividends for a Cambridge development firm: "The DeNunzio Group bought the 37-acre waterfront wasteland three years ago, believing it could become a retail complex or industrial park. Now the firm's partners find themselves holding a better hand after Wynn toured the Mystic River site this week with Fan Pier developer Joe Fallon and touted its potential as a gambling destination." [Herald]
MASS.-WIDE—Government programs may have been the catalyst, and the improving economy hasn't hurt: "In Massachusetts, foreclosure filings in the first nine months of the year plunged 60 percent from the same period in 2009..." [Globe]

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