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Wynn-Lose Situation for Casino at Fan Pier

There are certain truisms in Boston real estate: always expect opposition for new development; Southie is changing forever; rents and prices never seem to go down despite new buildings/Great Recessions; do not cross Mayor Tom Menino. Has developer Joseph Fallon forgotten that last one? So contends The Herald's Frank Quaratiello. Or maybe it's just a ploy to bring a casino resort to the Southie waterfront.

Last Wednesday, Vegas mogul Steve Wynn toured a site in Everett for a potential casino resort, and Fallon went with him. Problem is, Mayor Menino wants a casino resort at Suffolk Downs in East Boston. Hizzoner has made this repeatedly clear, and there is even a tentative plan out by Wynn rival Caesars Entertainment. Moreover, the 69-year-old Menino last week said the 70-year-old Wynn should keep "his stinky old nose" out of the Hub casino racket ... er, process. In other words, as far as the mayor is concerned, Boston is getting a casino resort, not one of its smaller neighbors.

It's surprising, then, that Fallon would tour a rival casino site with Wynn, especially given the Menino administration's support of Fallon's big-time waterfront development known as Fan Pier. That development includes the Vertex HQ and a 130-unit condo, plus plans for other commercial and residential buildings—and who know what else. Writes Quatriello: "Wynn reportedly approached Fallon about a Fan Pier casino a while back, but as with the Robert Kraft plan in Foxboro, the idea went nowhere."

The big question in that case is whether Fallon would find a willing partner in Menino, who wants the casino at Suffolk Downs in Eastie. And who certainly does not want it in Everett.
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