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10 Things to Know About the Guy Living in Boston Harbor

Michael Richard Smith has apparently been floating contentedly in a canoe in the harbor since late summer. Here's 10 things you should know about him:
· He's from Maine.
· His canoe is 14 feet long, made of aluminum and is 40 years old.
· Its name is "Alice Williams," after the mother of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams.
· Smith himself is 49.
· He eased into the harbor initially via the water behind the InterContinental.
· He prefers "fellow citizen" rather than "homeless."
· The Coast Guard says he's not doing anything illegal.
· That's because Smith has stuck to floating and docking in recreational areas.
· Smith thinks about publicly policy as he paddles.
· In particular, he's sent a newsletter on public schools to Mayor Menino.
We say kudos to Michael Richard Smith! Proving once again the uniqueness of our waterfront, which people pay good money to live on.
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