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$265K in Eastie: Loft in Strolling Distance to Logan

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Where: 156 Porter Street, #123
Price: $260,000
Sale Date: Nov. 20
Square Footage: 892
The Skinny: This 1-BR, 1-BA near the Blue Line's Airport stop last traded for February 2006 for $267,900, and then entered a years-long odyssey of listings, de-listings, re-listings and price changes, settling on an asking of $269,000 only this past October. For the closing price of $260K even, you get a snug starter apartment that has all the accoutrements of a bona fide Boston loft: exposed brick, high ceilings, columns, wood. You know you want one.
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156 Porter Lofts

156 Porter Street, Boston, MA