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Turkey Bullies in Brookline; Longfellow Bike Lane; More!

BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—The rehab also includes a bike lane: "State transportation officials are poised in early 2013 to begin taking bids for the rehabilitation of the Longfellow Bridge, a project that will move it off the "structurally deficient" list, add extra space for pedestrians, and permanently reduce the number of auto lanes on the Boston-to-Cambridge from two to one." [Chronicle]

CAMBRIDGE—Thanks to a recent $62.3M loan, the development at 70 Fawcett Street can proceed: "[T]he project will advance in two stages, with the first stage including 260 residential units and 251 parking units. The second phase will include an additional 168 units and 151 parking spaces. Housing units will average approximately 870 square feet of living space." [Biz Journal]
BROOKLINE—Aspinwall Hill residents have been talking turkey with local officials: "Neighbors told police, town officials and a representative from the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Thursday night that the birds have been attacking cars and people and often are not scared away by loud noises or being sprayed with water." []

70 Fawcett Street

70 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, MA