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Beacon Hill TH Terrorized by Dining Room Spider

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There is a lot to love and a little to recoil from in this Beacon Hill townhouse. To love: its very existence as a tucked-away antebellum vestige of the neighborhood; its yellow exterior, which makes it distinct; its fireplaces; the original mid-19th-century detailing that's been preserved; and, especially, its achingly rustic wine cellar. To recoil from: the sort of spidery thing on the dining room ceiling; the equally odd light fixture in one of the 3 bathrooms; and the funky floor cover in the kitchen (all of these, of course, are fixable). The 1,735-square-foot 3-BR just hit the market for $1,199,000. It last sold in August 2001 for $685K.

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7A Smith Court

7A Smith Court, Boston, MA