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Historic South End; Casey Overpass Fixes; BSA's New HQ

SOUTH END—Regular readers know we're a sucker for some history, so here are historic photos of the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood (per you). Re: the above one: "This group of women is standing outside of the Trade School for Girls, located at 618-620 Massachusetts Avenue. The Dunkin' Donuts parking lot occupies most of this space today. This image dates to about 1917." [South End History]

JAMAICA PLAIN—There are a couple of options on the table now for replacing the pothole-ridden Casey Overpass: "[O]ne screams: I AM THE RIGHT CHOICE. If we go with a surface option, we’re going to save $21 million, get more park space, and add protected bike lanes. Not to mention reconnecting Frederick Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace between the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park? And we could finally rejoin the Forest Hills neighborhood with the rest of Jamaica Plain, like we did with the North End to great effect? Yes, please." [Boston Daily]

FORT POINT—Herewith some photos of the new Boston Society of Architects HQ, including the staircase meant to entice you to its second-floor location: "With its ultra contemporary design and prominent positioning, the BSA’s new space is making a bold statement about where the profession is heading. It’s also beckoning the younger generation to join up (a notoriously independent demographic, mind you) while warning the old guard that modern and Boston can finally coexist peacefully." [Roost]