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Fenway Beyond Red Sox; Brighton Blaze; Ultra-Green in Newton

1) Firefighters had to raze a block of Brighton businesses on Sunday to stop a blaze: "The ruins of the one-story row of brick businesses at the corner of Chestnut Hill Avenue and Embassy Road were ordered demolished to allow National Grid workers to reach a gas line that leads to the building." [Globe]
2) About 10 communities, including Fenway, have completed the application process to become the first cultural districts in Massachusetts: "'We want the pride in saying we are a cultural district,' said Kelly Brilliant, who heads Fenway Alliance, which is pushing for the designation. 'When I say Fenway, people still think of the Red Sox. We’d love to establish this as its own cultural mecca.'" [Globe]
3) Columnist John Sununu looked for the losers in the big foreclosures settlement: "But for those Americans who aren’t underwater, or who kept up with mortgage payments, the answer to 'cui bono?' is: not you. In fact, there are two key aspects to the settlement that will continue to work against you." [Globe]

4) Governor Patrick praised a Newton home that's among Hub's first zero-net energy abodes: "The roof of David and Karen Miller’s Newton home is covered with high-efficiency solar panels. The windows are triple-glazed, argon-filled, low-energy fiberglass. And the floors are 100 percent recycled rubber and sustainably harvested, local wood that all of their guests this week — the governor included — tread upon only after taking off their shoes." [Herald]