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Celebrate Valentine's Day with St-Germain

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but don’t worry because St-Germain has you covered. Made from handpicked elderflowers native to France, it makes an elegant addition whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or partying with friends. Or, perhaps you are single and looking to mingle? St-Germain has sponsored the launch of Eater Dating — the fastest, easiest, most fun way to go on awesome dates.

Although crafted from a flower, St-Germain tastes of pear, citrus, and tropical fruits. Light and refreshing, it has about half the sugar content by volume versus traditional syrupy liqueurs. Its subtle flavor allows it to pair easily with complementary spirits. A classic celebratory pairing combines St-Germain with champagne, but bartenders in Boston are using it with more than just bubbly. Vodka, gin, rye, rum, tequila and bourbon all play well with St-Germain.

Check out Eater Boston for our map of where to find St-Germain in and out of the bottle. Remember, where there is love, there is life — and hopefully some St-Germain. À votre santé!