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Charlestown Rooftop Farm; Hyde Park Liquor; T Plan B

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HUB-WIDE—The MBTA Advisory Board has a counteroffer re: T cuts and fare hikes: "In a 24-page report, the board outlined a proposal that could generate $91.6 million in new revenue and find an additional $79 million in savings through transportation reform, without cutting MBTA services. The proposal also only calls for a 25-percent fare increase, rather than the T’s suggested 43-percent spike." [Metro]
HYDE PARK—A decision looms from the Boston Licensing Board over whether the neighborhood has enough bottle jockeys: "At a hearing today, Joel Nunez says his Fairmount Wine and Spirits at 59 Fairmount Ave. would meet a public need for a liquor store that nearby residents could walk to ... But representatives from both the mayor's office and district City Councilor Rob Consalvo told the board they oppose Nunez's store—roughly kitty corner from the site of the failed Albert Winestein—because Hyde Park already has enough liquor stores." [The Hub]
CHARLESTOWN—What a rooftop farm might be like for the neighborhood: "The farm would also likely not be structured like a park ... Preliminary plans do not include a seating area, but that doesn’t mean that the public would have no access to the farm. ... [T]he farm would likely accept volunteers and may have a 'pick your own' program. It would also likely include a table for people to buy vegetables and a gathering place for agriculture and cooking classes." [Patch]