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Mapping Allston Christmas: One Man's Trash Is...

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The cartographic record-store clerks at Bostonography have mapped the most recent Allston Christmas, complete with a point/counterpoint on that neighborhood's moving-day detritus. To wit from both sides:

I went on a couple of bike excursions around Allston and kept detailed field notes such as the one at left, but it was an overwhelming task, and it really just amounted to trash everywhere. Everywhere that wasn’t occupied by a U-Haul truck full of next year’s trash, that is. ... Every town needs a neighborhood filled with discarded furniture, derelict electronics and piles of parasite-ridden bedding. It is in light of these neighborhoods that our cities shine. Not to mention—there must be something valuable in that trash heap, right? Right?

· Allston: Trash vs. Treasure Heap [Bostonography]