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Innovation District's Big O.K.'s; Cambridge Crime; Vodka as Rent

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Housekeeping note: We will not be blogging on Monday due to Presidents Day. See you bright and surly Tuesday morning. And, remember, if you or someone you know is a recent homebuyer or house hunter, be in touch!

INNOVATION DISTRICT—Hizzoner busted out the trumpet today on some recently O.K.'d developments: "The BRA Board unanimously approved 49/51/63 Melcher Street, revitalizing three adjoining buildings located in the Innovation District’s Fort Point Channel. The project will add approximately 60 residential units to Boston’s housing stock, including 27 innovation housing units to attract and retain innovative industries and employees, and 11 affordable units, 5 of which will be artist live/work units." [BRA]

CAMBRIDGE—More perspective on that big crime drop: "Cambridge’s most violent year since 1960 was 1990, according to statistics provided by the department. In that year, the city recorded 1,077 violent crimes, close to three per day. Last year, the city recorded 436 violent crimes, which is almost a third of that. The record breaker, however, is the total overall crimes. In 2011, Cambridge recorded 3,567 overall crimes, down from a 50-year high of 10,715 in 1974. The last time crime was that low was 1963 when Cambridge was a very different city." [Chronicle]
WALTHAM—Lisa DeCanio finds the perfect potential roommates on Craigslist: "Messy? They don’t mind. Drunk? They prefer it. Can’t make the rent? Alcohol is an acceptable payment option." Vodka and tequila preferred. [BostInno]

Innovation District

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