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Where You Look When You Look for Hub Homes; More!

FORT POINT—Research engine Trulia broke down where the Hub home searches are coming from ... from within the Hub itself (the call is coming from inside the house!). The top four zip codes that y'all are searching? "02210 or Fort Point; 02118 or the South End; 02127 or South Boston; and 02132 or West Roxbury." There is also the handy national map above of where home hunters are looking. [Trulia]
SOUTH BOSTON—Oh, it's so on. "The tenants of the Park Lane Seaport Apartments in South Boston are encouraged by management to dress up their windows for the Super Bowl. 'We’re running a contest for all of our residents here to decorate their windows with their favorite NFL team,' said Robyn Agostino, the apartment manager. 'You can hang up lights, pictures, shirts, jerseys?' 'I’m a Pats fan, so it’s going to have to do with a lot of Patriots stuff and a lot of Giants going down on the window,' said Nikhil Saini, a tenant." [7 News]