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Latest Boston Condo Stats; Still Stretching to Buy in the 'Burbs

BOSTON—Otis & Ahearn has year-to-date downtown condo stats (as of Friday): 23 sales of at least $1M; six of at least $2M; three of at least $3M; nine of at least $1K a square foot; and—and!—sales of at least $1M represented 13.86 percent of all sales. [Otis & Ahearn]

HUB-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis notices something curious: "[I]n many of the more coveted suburbs real estate values are untouched or even higher than they were before the bubble burst. Stretching to buy remains commonplace inside the I-495 beltway, putting more prudent buyers, who want to stay within a certain price range, at a distinct disadvantage." []