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Downton Abbey Withdrawal? Ease It w/ Aristocratic Back Bay TH

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We're glad Bates got a reprieve from the hangman's noose, and we wish Lady Mary and Captain Crawley mazel tov. But to help tide us and you over during Downton Abbey's hiatus, we found this suitably aristocratic 4-BR, 5-BA Back Bay townhouse dating from the Victorian Era. Its 4,778 square feet have been by and large renovated, especially the kitchen; still, there is a lot of 19th-century charm left behind, especially in the living and sitting rooms. The elevator goes to all five levels, and there are two parking spaces included in the $4,500,000 price tag (the TH last traded in 1996 for $720K). And the dining room? Formal. Naturally.

· Listing: 385 Beacon Street [Zillow]

385 Beacon Street

385 Beacon Street, Boston, MA