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Downtown Crossing 2.0: Trader Joe's, Ben Affleck, Nordstrom

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Given the announcement earlier this month of the mother of all recent Boston towers on the old Filene's site in Downtown Crossing, The Globe asked people in the know what else is needed to fully rejuvenate the rejuvenating neighborhood. Some suggestions:

· A Trader Joe's (failing that, Whole Foods).
· An observation deck from the top floor of the planned 60-story tower.
· Ben Affleck. Or, more specifically, an indoor space exhibiting info on all the famous folks with Boston ties. We can only imagine the tourist queue for the Donnie Wahlberg display.
· A high-end, high-up restaurant akin to the old Rainbow Room in New York's Rock Center.
· A Nordstrom (the No. 1 suggestion from Mayor Menino, in fact) or a brand-name retail anchor to succeed Filene's.

What say you?

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Old Filene's Site

426 Washington Street, Boston, MA