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Columbus Center Lessons; Transforming Boston's Skyline

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BACK BAY/SOUTH END—Matthew J. Keifer draws some lessons from the failed Columbus Center project: "No major air rights construction has commenced in Boston since Copley Place, which received considerable public funding, 30 years ago. That compels us to examine how we have stranded air rights development opportunities ... Columbus Center taught us, at great expense, that successful air rights development takes not only a strong real estate market and risk-tolerant private developers, but also a change in approach on the part of its public partners." [CommonWealth]

JAMAICA PLAIN—We're a little late to this (four days—c'mon, it was a long weekend) but the Business Journal has a slideshow of the 10 projects it says are transforming the Boston skyline. No. 6 above: Jackson Square on Centre Street. [Biz Journal]

Jackson Square

Jackson Square, Boston, MA